Boiler Repair

Top 10 Common Boiler Repair issues

Boiler Repairs - Water Pressure

A problem with a faulty or malfunctioning boiler can be a costly and tiresome process for any residential homeowner or commercial company. The costs and inconvenience that comes with a broken boiler can be substantial especially if it effects your working environment in a commercial setting or your standard of living in your residential home.

The majority of boiler repairs and breakdowns come towards the colder winter months where there may be a constant strain put on the boiler system after remaining inactive in previous season for long periods of time. As the weather get colder your boiler gets used more frequently and for long periods of time where for the rest of the year it may have been hardly used. This shock to the boiler and constant use can cause very costly repairs however this is not the only situation that may cause faults to your boiler and therefore consequently boiler repairs are needed.

Common Boiler Repair Problems

If you are having issues with your boiler it may be worth doing your research into the boiler repair as some more common and frequent boiler repairs can be solved without the need for an expert heating engineer. However, if you are cautious or unsure of the issue and how to conduct said boiler repair it is always advice to seek the service of a qualified professional heating specialist.

Listed below are the most frequent boiler repair problems you may be likely to encounter.

Top 10 Boiler Repairs: 

  1. No heat or hot water – Check if there is an issue with your boiler pressure or thermostat
  2. Pilot light goes out – May be due to an issue with a broken thermocouple stopping the gas supply or deposit build up in the pilot light
  3. Leaking and dripping – the most common cause for a leak is a broken internal component such as a pump or pressure valve so it is recommended to always call a gas safe registered engineer for this boiler repair
  4. Frozen condensate pipe – If you have a frozen condensate pipe then your boiler will probably display a fault code or warning notification
  5. Strange noises; banging, whistling or gurgling – The most common cause for this boiler repair is air in the system, kettling or the water pressure is too low
  6. Losing pressure – The most common cause for loss of water pressure on a boiler usually is when there is a water leak within the system
  7. Kettling – With kettling the issue usually resides on the boiler heat exchanger where there has been an increase in limescale build up
  8. Boiler keeps switching itself off – This has many causalities to consider which could encourage this issue from low water pressure, to a problem with the thermostat or lack of water flow
  9. Thermostat issues – If Your boiler thermostat is losing accuracy it might be outdated and need replacing for a new efficient thermostat
  10. Radiators not getting hot – Check for corroded pipes causing grime to gather in the system and prevent the free flow of hot water to your radiators

Office Mezzanine Flooring

Creating office space using a mezzanine floor is one of the most common reasons people decide to build one. Due to many industrial environments being dirty, building an office mezzanine provides a clean space to work in away from machinery and noise.

This type of mezzanine can be used to create extra rooms for staff without the expensive cost of an office relocation.

If a business uses a lot of machinery or equipment which needs to be controlled externally then an office mezzanine can be used as a control room. This is so the machinery can be operated and monitored at a safe distance all in one room.

Office mezzanines can be built with a range of options including steel and glass partitions, electrics, networking, sound insulation, water and ceilings. An office mezzanine is sealed so therefore it can be air conditioned or heated easily.

A staff room is another possible use of an office mezzanine. This provides a space for staff to go away from the main work area. Toilets can also be added to this area as running water can be installed.

Office mezzanine floors are a cost-effective way of adding extra space to your business rather than a complete business relocation.

These types of mezzanines can be customised into any shape or size you require with the option of being fully heated and air conditioned.

Split and Multi-Split Air Conditioning

Split air conditioning systems consist of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit which are easy to install. This type of air conditioning unit is ideal for smaller jobs such as bedrooms or living rooms.

Multi-split air conditioning systems are slightly different as they use multiple indoor units connected to one compact outdoor unit. These units can keep several rooms at an ideal temperature while still being easy to install and maintain. Multi-split air conditioning is quiet and efficient in everyday use, both indoor and outdoor units are as equally quiet.

As well as cooling a room, split and multi-split air conditioning can heat a room as well which is often a feature commonly forgotten by consumers.

Split and multi split air conditioning is extremely cost effective to run and maintain. To have a split or multi split system installed the cost varies from £1500 to £5000 depending on your requirements and how many rooms you need to keep cool.

A room of up to 12m2 can be cooled by a single split system anything bigger will need a multi-split system which uses several indoor units to cool the room.

Another use of multi-split systems is keeping different rooms at different climates. This is due to the fact of using multiple indoor units which can be individually controlled at different temperatures. Indoor units can be installed above a suspended ceiling to keep them discreet.

Modern indoor units are extremely quiet in operation and can run without being heard especially in an office environment.

Aerial Installation

Are yoserial installation 2u experiencing issues with the quality of your television picture or missing channels? This may mean you have poor television reception and an upgrade of your aerial is essential.

If you have been using an aerial that is over 5 years old the frequencies have now changed. Old style aerials were designed to receive only narrow frequencies but since the digital switch over the frequencies have changed meaning that your aerial needs to be retrieving digital terrestrial frequencies in addition to the previous narrow analog frequencies.

Aerial installation should be carried out by a professional rather than a simple DIY project. For new aerial installation work cabling will need to be run through the walls, roof and property before mounting takes place. A secure location will need to be decided and what materials will be best to carry out the job, i.e bracket or pole. Another aspect you need to consider is how many televisions you want installed. In theory by adding extra televisions you are splitting the aerial and weakening the signal strength, it may be beneficial to install an amplifier along with the new aerial to boost signal strength for the extra televisions.

aerial installation 1

Aerial installation or upgrade can take anything from 1-4 hours depending on the labour required to carry out the job. When your aerial installation has been completed always ensure that you re scan your television by following the instructions on screen. It may be best to do a first-time installation rather than an auto tune.



Top tips on how to get noticed by executive search specialists

If you are looking to be found by a hr recruitment specialist follow our simple steps on how to catch their attention.

Firstly, we advise you to boost your visibility as we believe this is one of the most effective ways to being recognised for your talent. You may want to say a speech at an event or conference within the industry or maybe publish an article.

hr recruitment specialist

The next step to take is to get recognised for your success. This is because if you do this then there will be many names or even companies speaking about you and maybe even suggest you if they were asked for their opinion on managing director recruitment.

Make sure your network constantly and consistently. Across this industry, it is definitely a powerful way to increase your chances of being noticed. Social networking can also add value as some platforms have changed some elements of the executive search process. However, you should ensure that if you do publish any articles or comments which are industry related make sure they are visible.

One of the most important tips includes not contacting people and let them contact you. This is because genuine executive search campaigns are intended to find the best possible talent for a specific role and then persuade that individual to consider the role.

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to develop a relationship with an executive search company is to use them to recruit for you. Therefore you should find yourself a relevant search firm for your career development and contact them whilst or when you are hiring.