Main Things To Look For In An Installer

Main Things To Look For In An Installer!  installation

If you need a new piece of equipment to keep your TV signals working in the staff lounge so you have a fully operational and happy group of staff, then you need to get in touch with an Aerial company and fast!  Don’t automatically think that buying from a national company will be cheaper.

In fact a local company will go that extra mile to keep their costs down and provide you with a great service as their success is built on recommendations and a great profile they can buiild on and create in their local community.

Paul Rhodes, Managing Director at a Local internet based company has 10 years’ experience in providing Birmingham local business owners with a trusted and reliable service for their internet and website solutions.

If you are looking for a local installer, then here are 3 great tips on what to look for,

1. Check they are on the accredited site for there skill. All the people i use are on a suitably accredited skills website. This  ensures they are fully qualified and highly skilled

2. Look at their rating on Checkatrade, or equivalent feedback sites

3. Look at what their customers are saying on FaceBook or other social media platforms


In Conclusion

Once you’ve found some local installers that fit the bill, get a couple of quotes. The cheapest may look attractive but paying a bit more may give you a longer guarantee and free you from worry for many years to come.  And a waiting list isnt always a bad thing when it comes to something that is going to last 20 years (ie and aerial installation) then waiting a few weeks for the Job to be completed seems quiet cost effective.  Ringing around the few engineers or trades people that you find and getting a feel for how they answer the phone answer your questions and instill you with confidence is as important as the reviews you read.  This person is coming to your home and working for you.  Feeling safe and in control when you have a trades person in your home is imperative.


Benefits of Aerial Installation by a Certified Aerial Installer

Aerial Installation  Aerial Installer Birmingham

Aerial installation requires the skills and expertise of a certified aerial installer. To get your aerial properly installed, you need the services for an installer who has been certified. Many people think aerial installation is a matter of watching few instructional videos on YouTube and you are good to go. It might surprise you to know that aerial installation is a skill and doing it yourself (DIY) might not be as good as hiring a professional.

Why hire a certified aerial installer?

Keep you safe

Hiring a professional will keep you safe from accidents that are likely to occur when trying to install the aerial by yourself. If you live in a big city, you will understand that some buildings are very tall and you might require going up to access the building. To such a building, you need someone who is experienced and has the right tools to mount the aerial on top of the building. A certified installer will protect you from the risk that comes with installing an aerial on a tall building without the needed tools.

Quality signal

In crowded cities or remote areas, it becomes difficult trying to get a good signal. To get a quality signal, you might need a certified installer to help you trace the direction of the signal. The professionals have the right tools needed to determine the direction of the signal, and you will get quality signals on your television.

Cost efficient

Hiring a certified installer will save you the cost incurred in buying installation materials and tools. They installers already have the tools, and they buy the materials as the wires in bulk, and this saves the overall cost incurred in the aerial installation process.


Aerial installation by a professional is very durable, and it is a long term project. Once you install your aerial, it will serve you for a long time until the time that you need to move to a new house. The aerial installers use quality material that is durable.