Office Mezzanine Flooring

Creating office space using a mezzanine floor is one of the most common reasons people decide to build one. Due to many industrial environments being dirty, building an office mezzanine provides a clean space to work in away from machinery and noise.

This type of mezzanine can be used to create extra rooms for staff without the expensive cost of an office relocation.

If a business uses a lot of machinery or equipment which needs to be controlled externally then an office mezzanine can be used as a control room. This is so the machinery can be operated and monitored at a safe distance all in one room.

Office mezzanines can be built with a range of options including steel and glass partitions, electrics, networking, sound insulation, water and ceilings. An office mezzanine is sealed so therefore it can be air conditioned or heated easily.

A staff room is another possible use of an office mezzanine. This provides a space for staff to go away from the main work area. Toilets can also be added to this area as running water can be installed.

Office mezzanine floors are a cost-effective way of adding extra space to your business rather than a complete business relocation.

These types of mezzanines can be customised into any shape or size you require with the option of being fully heated and air conditioned.