Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccinations are a key factor in preventative care for your pet’s health and are one of the most effective ways to protect against serious diseases.

Dog vaccinations work like our injections, where a small and weak strain of the viral antigen is injected into the dog’s body. Then the dog’s white blood cells react to the antigen and learn a protective response against the disease in case they come into contact with it in the future.

The immune system will recognise the disease due to the antigens from the vaccination and activates the defence response within a couple of hours.

Why Cat & Dog Vaccinations are Important

Prevention is better than cure in the case of dog and cat vaccinations. If your pet is not vaccinated, there is a high chance it will pick up an infectious disease sooner rather than later. Unfortunately for a lot of cases, this results in a very serious condition for your pet and in some cases can be fatal. For many of the diseases, there isn’t an available cure yet, despite the advances in modern medicine.

Also, for many insurance policies, they require you to keep up-to-date with a pet vaccination schedule to keep your policy valid in the event you need to make a claim.

For puppies, pet vaccinations usually start around 8 weeks old, followed by booster injections 2 weeks later. They then have annual booster injections to keep their immune system protected.


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