Split and Multi-Split Air Conditioning

Split air conditioning systems consist of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit which are easy to install. This type of air conditioning unit is ideal for smaller jobs such as bedrooms or living rooms.

Multi-split air conditioning systems are slightly different as they use multiple indoor units connected to one compact outdoor unit. These units can keep several rooms at an ideal temperature while still being easy to install and maintain. Multi-split air conditioning is quiet and efficient in everyday use, both indoor and outdoor units are as equally quiet.

As well as cooling a room, split and multi-split air conditioning can heat a room as well which is often a feature commonly forgotten by consumers.

Split and multi split air conditioning is extremely cost effective to run and maintain. To have a split or multi split system installed the cost varies from £1500 to £5000 depending on your requirements and how many rooms you need to keep cool.

A room of up to 12m2 can be cooled by a single split system anything bigger will need a multi-split system which uses several indoor units to cool the room.

Another use of multi-split systems is keeping different rooms at different climates. This is due to the fact of using multiple indoor units which can be individually controlled at different temperatures. Indoor units can be installed above a suspended ceiling to keep them discreet.

Modern indoor units are extremely quiet in operation and can run without being heard especially in an office environment.